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❶Klein was a significant leader in the New York educational system. Through the lure of money or some other gain, it is possible for outside sources to gain access to critical customer and employee files via an unscrupulous employee.

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Also, as care is prioritized, those individuals deemed to be in a less urgent need of care are given a lower priority, which results in a wait list. Finally, as physicians are compensated on the same level of salary, fewer people may be attracted to the profession for its financial rewards.

In a public system, patients shop around less for providers because most providers charge the same fees. According to its website, the Cambie Surgery Centre is a private healthcare clinic. The site notes that the "BC provincial government looks to private health care facilities like the Cambie Surgery Centre to help ease the long public wait lists.

Business Ethics Issues a Company's. One lesson from this case might be that laws between entities in different sovereign nations can be much harder to enforce than laws between entities within the same nation.

In the future, Pakistan and other nations might want to make sure that their contractual agreements contain mechanisms that make them enforceable across international borders.

On a broader level, another lesson might be that ill-gotten gains should not be promoted by governments in the first place.

Those who believe in the supremacy of divine law might consider the position in which Pakistan found herself to be an example of God's reminding us of the obligation to conduct ourselves ethically toward our fellow man.

Technology in Management the Fargus. Another advantage was the use of knowledge management to orchestrate multichannel selling, marketing and service scenarios across the client's specific requirements and needs.

The analytics and knowledge management systems were also combined successfully to create a constraint-based engine as well. All of these factors were critical to the success of the system. The cons of this modeling approach were the lack of precision on pricing ands the ability to model the more finely-tuned aspects of the programs. There was not enough data to create a profitability measurement and the use of constraint modeling at times could leave out the more unpredictable aspects of the marketing mix.

Nerd Patrol Similar to Geek Squad. It contains an analysis of the company's ownership, business operations, and organizational structure, projects its revenues and costs of operations for the short run, and presents some important marketing strategies for the success of its business in the IT industry.

Introduction and Brief Description of the Venture This paper presents a business plan for a new software company, Nerd Patrol that provides a number of software and hardware products, technical services, and web solutions to individual and business customers. The plan constitutes all the major operational, personnel, financial, and marketing strategies which Nerd Patrol will pursue during its initial phase of business set up. The opening section introduces the business in brief and proceeds by explaining the organizational and key business players.

The "Financial Analysis" section presents projected revenues and costs of operations for the company by highlighting the major investments and…… [Read More]. Enterprise Level Business System. Enterprise-Level Business System For this startup company to make maximum use of informational technology, it must create a website that is not used merely for informational purposes, but is designed to handle customer inquiries as well as vendor proposals.

Currently this spin-off startup company is not using its informational technology to full capacity. Although each operating group has its own database, enterprise infrastructure has not kept pace with internal needs nor with the overall supply chain expansion. Additional personnel cannot be added meet the growing demand for the specialty, although the company's board of directors realizes it must better use information technology to handle the company's further expansion and to reduce growing human resource needs.

Executive management has developed the following business goals to provide direction for the company and to be the focus for all IT initiatives, including creating at least one new international target market must be established…… [Read More]. Since its formation, Burn Care Unit business has been profitable with an increase in revenues, however, the organization has faced challenges in recruiting the professional nurses, which forces them to adopt the Baylor plan.

The plan is an overtime policy that adopts 36 hours pay for nurses who work for 24 hours on the weekend. Nurses who work for 60 hours in the weekdays are paid the equivalent of 70 hours.

However, the company has recorded high cost of operations because of the policy. Firing Him Too Drastic In. Rather than facing the conflict and resolving it immediately with the person causing conflict, Kalinsky leaks valuable information to a person with a vested interest in both the company and the future of the person being removed from company management.

It is no wonder that the situation seemed to backfire on Kalinsky. Integrative Negotiations In this exercise, integrative negotiations were utilized through the process of principled negotiations. Kalinsky and Kenworthy came to amicable terms with regards to cashing out both his and his father's stake in the company and they dropped the wrongfully terminated suit.

The wrongful termination suit was most likely just filed in spite and was postured as a leverage point on which bargaining could begin. It was obvious that Kalinsky was not in the financial position to pay out the Kenworthys' shares immediately, however it was only fair to pay them the agreed upon amount. Communication Problems…… [Read More]. Business Management -- Human Resource. To the extent the respondents expressed their perceived need for improvement, the areas implicated relate to functions that reflect executive decisions and operational management decisions rather than human resources decisions, notwithstanding the fact that those functions might be administrated by the human resource department.

In this organization, those measures would indicate that the principal human resource functions are operating effectively. There is a low rate of attrition among new employees and there is always competition among multiple qualified candidates for promotion to supervisory positions.

On the other hand, those…… [Read More]. International Technology Management Oasis Bicycles. For the C-level executive team at Oasis the most critical strategic decision with regard to Web 2.

It is clear that the globally-based distributed order management process could be much more collaborative given its breadth of activity across so many manufacturing centers.

The need for creating a collaborative distributed order management system globally is what differentiates best-in-class manufacturers from those that struggle to stay profitable Alt, Gizanis, Legner, The use of Web 2. The rapid adoption of collaborative new product development processes has continued to revolutionize the development of new products and services, and has been particularly…… [Read More].

Pop'n Bottles Pnb Quarterly Management. Other factors at play besides just price alone. Byrd Limousine Benefits to the Organization Milestone. BL is owned and operated by Shelonda Byrd Hale, and has seven full time drivers, five male and two female. At present, Byrd Limousine processes data for clients, services, and internal information manually. Dollar General belongs to the discount and variety stores industry and was founded in Having variety and discount stores at more than 10, locations, the company's current key people include chard W.

Low cost items are main product category in which DG deals. The business model of Dollar General is based on selling convenience goods, quality brands, discount pricing, and variety in business model according to locality served. Dollar General competes with Wal-Mart but with much smaller retail and discount stores as compared to Wal-Mart.

Having more than 10, neighborhood stores, DG maintain 'simple' layout of her stores. The main products that…… [Read More].

Requirements for an information'system. Reporting on Information Needs This report aims at establishing the process for managing records within the organization and marketing products. This report was requested by Michael Duffy Administration and Business Support Manager, based on the numerous complaints raised by staff regarding the hurdles they face when trying to access information from the current information system.

The staff have explained that it is difficult for them to find information that is correct and up-to-date. There are also numerous brochures, and the staff is uncertain what brochures are correct. This leads to the wrong information being shared and provided to potential students and clients. The sales teams have been using the old document versions, and they have not been aware of this problem since there is no version control being followed as stipulated by the organization it is difficult for them to know when documents are updated and what documents should be…… [Read More].

Business Decisions the Employee Is. The cafe's main metrics will be page impressions, Facebook fans, Twitter followers. Reaching out to customers using social media can help to inform them about promotions and new products.

Social media is also the modern-day equivalent of knowing all of your customers by name though that would not hurt either as it helps to foster a relationship allowing for improved retention.

A portal is not of much value for the employees. At best, they can check the schedule online. I would not use kiosks in the cafe. I would focus on a ifi network and let the customers…… [Read More]. Babyboomer Proposal Over the Next. It also assists these individuals to better understand themselves and nature and improves their understanding of their place in the world around them and their senses. For people who pursue some of the more challenging outdoor recreation activities, they have many opportunities for development of self-image and self-confidence, cooperation and trust, and physical fitness.

These benefits frequently are only gained through sporting and other leisure time activities in a natural environment. Up until now, however, the emphasis has not been on recreational facilities for this older population. In a study conducted for the YMCA Blanding, as part of the Comprehensive Leisure and Aging Study of the University of Northern Colorado and National etired Persons Association, directors of senior centers and programs were asked to say whether or not they provided any of a select group of outdoor recreation activities.

As noted by the following chart, very few senior centers…… [Read More]. Facility Research Red Rock Country. New home construction in the community also alters water usage issues. Bob Wilbert is the head of maintenance of the facility and oversees all internal and subcontracted maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facilities. The administrative structure of the facility includes: Successful criteria employment General Manger oversees all staff, including temporary and permanent employees in catering and facilities management Controller facilitates all accounting and financial needs and maintains records.

The facility does not offer a box office or ticketing, but reservations for golf and tennis are suggested. The facility has golf members and over sport and social members. So use of the tennis and golf facilities are in high demand. The golf shop schedules tee times every 10 minutes and the tennis facility has 30 minute to 3 hours reservations for tennis courts. Availability for walk in is always a possibility but does not take priority over…… [Read More].

Letter of Recommendation to Whom. This would indicate to me that they have great potential to undertake research or to perform postgraduate study in their chosen field of marketing. Then, I and the senior staff can delegate such functions to that staff member. They perform their work to a high standard. This is certainly one of their great strengths. In terms of the candidates main strengths, it would also be their team playing and amicability.

This would certainly translate well into working on group assignments in graduate school. It is certainly great to see a capacity and desire to work in any candidate,…… [Read More]. Fargo Publishing Company One Issue. Giving the department supervisors the authority to take responsibility over each individual employees' hours to ensure accuracy should allow for the catching of errors and purposeful overstating of time, while allowing the employees to enter their time into the computer themselves gives opportunity to report accurate data the first time.

By using simply mathematical equations, Fargo will be able to measure the benefits of implementing these recommendations. Single-factor productivity can be measured by taking the units produced and dividing it by the labor-hours used.

For instance, if 1, units are produced for every hours of labor, the number of units per labor-hour would be four. The company can also determine how many hours of labor were spent on the old…… [Read More]. Outsourcing Trends in Outsourcing of. The focus of this area has shifted to eb application development including the development of complex, highly integrated enterprise system platforms beyond the scope of client it departments.

This shift has actually accelerated the financial performance of Indian outsourcers to such a great extend that their goals are now to catch IBM in revenues and eventually surpass them in terms of consulting revenue. The outsourcing of complex it projects however must be exceptionally well managed and orchestrated to ensure the goals of the client are still achieved as the development takes place Hsu, u, et.

Due to the high value of programming and development talent in Indian and Chinese outsourcers, this area is the fastest growing of their core businesses. In this area, there are many opportunities for students to advance their careers.

The three most important strategies students can take to capitalize on this trend is to first concentrate…… [Read More]. What is the role of HR Department in your organization? According to the HR Manager, the role of HR Department in Washington Mutual is to handle the responsibilities relating to performance management and workforce planning.

The company's HR Department also acts as a steward to the company's brand and change agents. The HR staff and department is strategically involved from a workforce planning prospective. Whenever there is a hiring need, departmental change, or a position that needs to be created, everything starts from the HR department.

They look at various factors internally and externally before proceeding on the processes that will meet the needs of the company. One factor that the HR department considers in their business planning is the budget of the company.

In your own opinion, what are some of the most pressing human…… [Read More]. Incentive Conflicts and Contracts. It determines that stock options and benefits, tied directly to organizational performance, are good for the organization, however, they may have been a contributing factor to recent corporate scandals.

And, the paper will discuss how my organization utilizes flexible benefits, and the rewards the organization has reaped, as such.

Incentive Conflicts and Contracts Stock options and bonuses tied to company performance are effective in motivating executives to work for the good of the organization. It allows these employees to "participate from an equity point-of-view" oberts, This tie with the employee financial incentive to organizational success is now not only a perk top-level management receives, but is also increasingly being offered to employees at all levels within the organization.

This inclusion of all employees is a strong strategic move for many organizations. As Tony Plath, a professor of banking and corporate finance at…… [Read More]. Personal Have Chosen to Pursue. I'm also good at communicating with the internal and external stakeholders of an organization. For example, at Sam Jacinto Community College, I was constantly interfacing with the athletic department and ground maintenance. And, as a sales manager, I developed a wide range of communication networks with area businesses and vendors.

A also believe that I have the unique breadth of skills required in education administration. I was effective at many activities such as promoting events, organizing local sponsorships, producing newspaper and television advertisements, completing contracts, setting venues, establishing commissions, selling tickets, booking hotel and food accommodations, making travel arrangements and paying operating expenses.

Administration was also a large part of my sales management responsibilities that included ensuring acceptable revenue generation, tracking company inventory, expenses and payroll, preparing contract proposals and loan documents…… [Read More]. Human resources management processes: Four requirements For a firm to thrive, it must offer a unique product so it can ensure that it can deliver a sustained competitive advantage that cannot easily be undercut by price or substituted by a similar product offered by a firm within the same industry.

The following four criteria to establish a competitive advantage are as follows: Food and Beverage Control. Without one, they have no way of knowing if anything is missing or if costs do not measure up to standard. A control system is a necessary and beneficial tool in maximizing profit and keeping waste and pilferage to a minimum. Profit Planning One of the most critical aspects of food and beverage control is profit planning. In the final analysis, the profit generated must be sufficient to keep the business running and the owner pleased with the investment.

Three ratios are extremely important in profit planning: This ratio is commonly known as net profit to net sales. The higher this ratio is, the better. For example, in full service operations with an average check of less than ten dollars, the median…… [Read More]. Financial Ratios From Income Statements.

Financial atios From Income Statements: Accounting in hospitality management is carried out to identify and document financial issues and produce information regarding an organization's assets, liabilities, and investments. Through this process, the management of a hospitality establishment understands and interprets financial ratios, which are crucial for basic control of operations in the establishments.

These financial ratios can be determined or worked out from a company's income statements or operational data Casado, , p. For the room hotel in Costa Mesa, California, the Occupancy percentage is 7, Baker and Baker , p. In essence, an asset should have some value attributable to it. Current assets, according to Shim and Siegel , p.

Long-term assets, on the other hand, include all those assets or items an entity does not intend to consume within a single year. Examples include, but…… [Read More]. Technology and Tools Strengths Weaknesses Lower start-up costs. Fewer issues with maintenance of hardware. More resources including personnel and sophisticated procedures for security and backup of the patient information. More ongoing expense over the long-term.

The computation that have been made is also need to be written on a brown envelop together with their cash pay. In the field of computer and technology, there always an option to automate things likes payroll system.

But of course, A feasibility study should be conducted in order to see the benefits of computerized payroll system over manual payroll system as well as other alternatives. At first, you should study the organizational systems such as the users, policies, functions and objectives. Consider also the problems existing over the present systems like redundancies, inconsistencies and slow services.

Also, know the constraints such as the nonfunctional requirement. After analyzing the present or current system, possible alternatives should be presented. Sticking to the current or present system is always an alternative. Advantages and disadvantages of each alternative should be discussed. In addition, the computation of payback analysis, net present value analysis, and return on investment analysis should be included in your feasibility study.

If there is a feasibility study, the best alternative is to be preferred by the management because there a chance of comparing alternative. Feasibility study will determine the best solution to the problems. After all, feasibility study is written to assess each alternative and come out of the best alternative that will benefit the intended people involved in this study.

This project proposal is conducted in order to give and see the benefit of computerized payroll system over manual payroll system as well as other alternatives. In manual payroll system accounting has a hard time to do all things such kind of work like saving all the data files of their school teacher employee and do such kind of mathematical computation to calculate the salary of the teachers wages and taxes deduction. Having a hard time to locate such requested files to processed.

The only main advantage of this system is that they can process data and compute salary more than a manual form can do. But also we cannot say that this proposed system is such a perfect idea theres also a disadvantage on it.

Using a computerized payroll system comes with its own set of problems, such as the need to protect against data loss through power failure or viruses, and the danger of hackers stealing data. Computer fraud is also a concern, and you need to instigate a system of controls for who has access to the information, particularly teacher information. If there is a security breach and data is stolen, management can be held personally liable for the loss of data.

You also need to make sure that the data has been correctly entered into the system, as a mistake in data entry can throw off a whole set of data. A payroll system involves everything that has to do with the payment of employees and the filing of employment taxes.

This includes keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and other deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to the government. Speed in processing payroll system will have a faster performance by means of decreasing the manual input areas.

Mathematical errors will be prevented by automatic computations that the proposed, system will provide and you may not have to worry about having financial or legal trouble. In the proposed system the administrator is the one responsible in computing that the time the employee worked. The proposed system will record all data in all reports at the same time so you can make sure they are consistent and it also saves time. Employers will never have to spend much time in keeping up to date with taxes and deductions because the system will be designed updated to such deductions.

Storage of files will be safe and secured for which only the administrator has the only have the privileged and also not easily be accessed. Easy to manage and handle by a certain person , doing such work like saving, retrieving and computing faster. The teacher can access their data files but only just to view it to make them updated regarding with their salary transaction. Elvira Apongao for her friendly advice and countless help for the completion of this study.

The researchers wish to express their sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to their friends for the help, encouragement, cooperation and willingness, although words may not enough, countless thanks for their help. Indebtedness gratitude is also due to our parents, and other family members for their understanding and financial support throughout this study. Above all, utmost to the ALMIGHTY GOD who is the source of countless and bountiful blessing of knowledge, strength, good health, divine grace and love which help the researchers accomplished this study.

Genora Type of Document: Project Study Type of Publication: As the impact of computerized systems are more than realized, computerizing systems used in offices has already become a need to enable the overall office operation perform their tasks faster, accurate and more reliable compared to manual processes. It automates many functions which save both time and effort. It enables the personnel and staffs manage data and information electronically as needed keeping records up-to-date.

It undertakes land tenure improvement, development of program beneficiaries, and agrarian justice delivery. This means there are a number of personnel being employed to do these tasks. However, basing from the information gathered by the proponents, the DAR is having a problem in preparing and managing their payroll because they are still using the manual process MS Excel see statement of the problem. This motivated the proponents to design a computerized payroll system to lessen or even eliminate the problems being encountered on the present system used by the Department of Agrarian Reform.

Summary After a thorough observation and careful analysis basing from the information gathered, the following findings and problems has been observed. Problems will surely be minimized using the proposed computerized payroll system. The proposed system will certainly give accessible, accurate, efficient, and reliable information to the user.

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Mar 23,  · The objective of this project is to resolve payroll-inaccuracies wherein the payroll department always receives complains regarding miscalculations of employee salary due to inconsistent recording of employees' leaves, absences, and attendance at work.

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Payroll System is one of the fundamental needs of a company. Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Payroll plays a major role in a company for several reasons.

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The APA Advantage. Discuss the potential benefits of membership in the American Payroll Association. American Payroll Association offers a wide array of benefits for its members: on top of the list would be the educational grants. A payroll system involves everything that has to do with the payment of employees and the filing of employment taxes. This includes keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and other deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to the government.

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Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Internet security has become a big topic in the last few years because every business and every person has, to some extent, allowed their information to be captured by the web. payroll cycle Essay Payroll Cycle Every company must have some sort of payroll department. Smaller business may have a human resources department that will also handle payroll or even may out source to a third party company.