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❶AMAs should be about:

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I currently work in the same field and have noted that while it took a fair amount of time to acquire a client-base, I now need to do far less advertising due to repeat customers and referrals. Not that I know of. Some customers would guiltily tell me why they had to hire me, and some didn't.

None ever mentioned being an athlete, though. They often say that they totally forgot about the paper and that they really need to do well in the class. Some don't seem to feel guilty but flat-out say that they have a party to go to or that it's rush week or something.

I'm happy to take their money, but have fun being a cashier forever, dude! If they have, they've never told me. Honestly, it's hard to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did or didn't write a paper. If your paper doesn't get flagged in one of those programs, I'm not sure how anyone could prove that you cheated. Maybe if it's way better than anything else you've submitted? I guess that's circumstantial though. Yeah, it is circumstantial.

I'm sure circumstantial evidence like that counts for something, but for grounds for expulsion, I feel like they'd need more. There's usually a hearing, too. In which classes were your services most popular, or did you get to right a nice, diverse bunch of stuff? I wrote for every subject I could. I have a really strong background in the Humanities, so I never turned away an assignment in that category.

I did not only do intro-level stuff — I did all levels of undergrad and I suspect some stuff for masters-level work. I pass that on to ghostwriter friends who are knowledgable on the subjects. I got a lot of requests from Nursing students. To be fair, it was mostly for their non-medical classes either general education requirements or hospital administration-type classes.

Plenty of single moms don't go into nursing , but I suppose the ones that do value their time more than their money. I paid most of my way through college by doing this. It's a lucrative business, the lazier people are the easier it is to make money off of them.

I messaged it to the moderators a few minutes before I posted this AMA. I wish I could post proof, but If I post the email that I used for submissions, I'm afraid it'll seem like I'm soliciting. After college I tried to get entry-level museum jobs and even volunteer jobs , but it was and it was hard to get any kind of job or volunteer opportunity.

The humanities prepare you to do one thing: I love writing research papers and had plenty of experience doing it. I only tried to buy a paper once in college. I had about 24 hours left until it was due. I ordered from a big internet paper mill that shall remain nameless.

The paper was truly awful — it was clearly copied and pasted from several unrelated papers and sources. I started putting up Craigslist ads, which are not an effective way to advertise at all. I started direct marketing on college campuses nearby and from there got enough word of mouth to do decent business.

For other stuff, I often never do. Unsurprisingly, most people are happy to write their "History of Sex in the Western World" papers. They usually come to me with their papers from their "Business Administration " class. Most orders I got were small orders, which weren't very lucrative for me. I think I'd change my pricing if I got back into the game. So, have you learned anything cool by writing these papers?

Most people like writing their papers for cool classes, so most papers are decidedly uncool. Since my major was Art History, I really liked doing any history paper.

I did one once about the British Industrial Revolution vs. It was pretty basic but I enjoyed the resources I had to read. I wish I could say that I wrote a paper for Bongs or something but they're mostly pretty bland. Did you ever have to write multiple papers for the same class at the same time?

I never had multiple students in one class. I did have a couple of people send me their syllabus and ask me to write all their assignments for the semester, though - both from prestigious private universities. Do you find you learnt a lot of things from writing across so many subjects? What was the focus of your MA? My favorite non-history-related topic is anything involving literature. I did a paper on King Leopold's Ghost and the scramble for Africa and it was the easiest money I've ever made, partly because I had already read that book.

The focus of my MA was non-Western Art. My master's thesis was on African art and exhibition techniques and theories. I know, thrilling, right? I'll allow you a moment to catch your breath.

Did you ever do any work for professors who needed to produce research? I am fairly certain that one of my old professors somehow scammed his way into his job-i. I don't think so. I did get a lot of requests from doctoral students, but I don't feel qualified for that, as I don't have a doctorate. Would you be willing to post a sample paper that you have written?

I am a current academic ghostwriter, so I find it interesting to compare writing style and content. Of course, if there are confidentiality issues, that is understandable. I imagine it could possibly fall into some grey area, which is one reason why I quit - I wasn't making enough to hire a lawyer to iron out my terms of service.

I don't think it's illegal, but I think it could be considered plagiarism, and thus the school would be well within their rights to expel the student in question.

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