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❶During the 17th century, however, the meaning and use of the word began to change. These concepts are often divided into one of three categories:.

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Instead of finding fault in others, generous individuals find fault in their own selves as a result of which they mould and adapt themselves to such situations. A generous individual does not blame the external situations or people for any wrong situation in his or her life. Such individuals understand the fact that they themselves are responsible for the mishaps in their lives instead of blaming others. Generosity is not God- gifted. It is an attribute that an individual develops with time.

In most of the cases, a family is responsible for making and breaking a generous individual. If a child grows up in circumstances where the attribute of generosity is visible in the parents and among the family members; he or she is bound to turn into a generous individual. It is the third of the virtues of character discussed by Aristotle, following on the heels of courage and temperance. The generous person, for Aristotle, is one who gives of his or her wealth in a way that achieves a mean between wastefulness and covetousness.

The generous person does not give indiscriminately, but seeks to give in a way that is good and fine. This, in turn, requires giving to the right people, in the right amounts, at the right time, with pleasure, and without looking out for oneself.

Aristotle suggests that giving to those who lack good character, or to those who respond with flattery, is not true generosity.

However, it is closely allied to the virtue of magnificence, which for Aristotle does involve large-scale giving for worthy ends, in particular those that benefit the community as a whole. Most fundamentally, these acts are significant because they are a way of being conformed to God, whose nature is self-communicative goodness. The mutual love of the divine Persons is expressed outward in the creation and redemption of the world.

In acts of beneficence we seek to do good toward others in ways that emulate the good that God has done and is doing for us. To give simply in order to receive a return is not charity but cupidity, a form of selfishness. Aquinas insists that these acts of charity should in principle extend to all, in the sense that we should be ready to do good to anyone at all, including strangers and enemies. Noting the limitations of human agency, however, he argues that our beneficence should ordinarily focus on those who are nearest and dearest to us on the one hand, and on those whose needs are most urgent, on the other.

Care for the poor, together with widow and orphan and prisoner, have always been central activities of Christian churches.

Generosity was not simply a virtue of individuals but a corporate responsibility, institutionalized in myriad ways. In the sixteenth century, a fundamental shift toward centralized organization of poor relief took place across Europe. This shift has at times been seen as a corruption of true generosity, as in the widespread chorus of praise for voluntary private giving in the eighteenth-century.

The challenge has been to preserve, within corporate forms of charity, both governmental and non-governmental, church-related and non-church-related, some element of personal care and spontaneous gift. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone. And if you look at life through glasses tinted with selflessness you will achieve the greatest goal of all, self-actualization, while helping others achieve their life goals.

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Generosity in general terms means goodness. The bitter truth is that in this 21st century, it is hard to find a generous individual but a ray of light is always present amidst the darkness around. A genuine individual possesses certain distinct characteristics.

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Generosity is freely sharing what you have with others. It is being willing to offer money, help or time when it is needed. To be generous means giving something that is valuable to you without expectation of reward or return. Many traditions measure generosity not by the size of the gift, but by what it cost the giver. Developing the generosity trait can and will impact a person life in way that will amaze them. Generosity; as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish: the quality of being generous: especially willingness to give money and other valuable items to others.”.

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Generosity definition essay, - Essays on indian independence. The authenticity of our custom essay writing and confidentiality of all information are guaranteed. Definition Essay. It’s Not Nobility, It’s Generosity! When most people think of the word generosity, they think of the Red Cross or Goodwill, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Generosity can be as simple as lending a friend a pencil. Generosity used to be a trait inherited by noble families.