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Top 101 Best Persuasive Essay Topics in 2017

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide
List of Topics for Writing With Persuasion

While we have the innate duty to maintain our personal welfare, it is morally sound to say that we also have a responsibility to avoid inflicting harm towards other people, whether we personally know them or we are total strangers to them and vice versa.

In the medical field, doctors are presumed to cure their patients and provide them with utmost care for their health. Family members or relatives of patients are likewise expected to see to it that their loved-ones in hospitals are given the proper medical attention.

All of these things point to the undeniable fact that we bring our ailing friends or family members to hospitals so that they will be cured and be brought back to their normal lives. In extreme life-or-death cases, our impulse to keep our loved ones alive is stronger more than ever. Patients with terminal cases or those who have very little chance of survival are expected to receive the best medical treatment in order to address the risks involved.

These patients, too, are human beings just like any one of us, except that they are suffering from tormenting ailments. They can feel pain. Euthanasia, or mercy-killing, is killing. Any way you look at it, euthanasia involves taking away the life of a person. When a patient is induced with euthanasia, the primary intent is to kill the patient.

Some say that the reason why some patients are induced with euthanasia is to relieve them of their pain. Apparently, it is a fact that dead people can feel no pain because, of course, they are already dead. But that should not mean that just because a patient has a terminal disease we should resort to euthanasia in order to end his or her suffering. Already due to global slowdown, there are less number of jobs and with influx of new people, it has escalated the unemployement crisis.

Outside people bring with them their cultural beliefs, some of which contradict with beliefs of natives and this results in friction among people. For these reasons, xenophobia is on rise. Governments and individuals need to find a way to reduce the menace of xenophobia for the greater good of the nation.

Western Governments have responsibility to provide jobs to natives first and then think of granting visas to others. Government should also increase broder security to stop illegal crossings, for example, America has already stared building a wall on Mexico border.

Individuals need to accept other cultures with open arms and should not force once beliefs on to others. These steps would ensure in maintaining peace in western nations. This essay presented some of the steps which needs to be taken in order to reduce discrimination against outsiders. In my opinion, both governments and individuals are equally responsible and will have to take measure to reduce xenophobia. The reason for increase in shooting cases in many countries has been linked to the number of households owning a gun.

More and more people now own a gun and that has led to increase in number of cases reported for murders in some countires. This essay will argue why it is completely right to think that number of guns give rise to number of killings.

I understand why some people think that more number of guns have nothing to do with increased killings. People give the argument that it is not that guns kill, it is the person behind the gun, who is responsible for killings; moreover, gun or no gun, people will kill for personal safety.

In countries like America, where many people live in remote isolated places, guns are required to remain safe from burglars and wild animals.

Despite the logic that people will kill even without guns, I believe that with guns chances of killings increase. In America, for example, many people own guns and as per statistcs this has given rise to gun crimes and now the evil has reached schools as well. More guns have given rise to more killings and shootings. This essay argued that as the ownership of guns increase proportionately shootings also increase. In my opinion, it is absolutely true that number of guns give rise to number of shootings.

There has always been debate on the benefits of boarding schools over traditional schools, where student do not stay after school. Some believe that boarding schools are better option for students as compared to traditional schools, on the other hand some parents say traditional schooling is more beneficial for students. We will discuss in this essay why boarding schools are good for students.

Some say that students from boarding schools always excel in different fields as compared to students from traditional schools. In traditional schools, one does not learn all the skills required for becoming a responsible adult such as discispline and courage.

In boarding schools children have to do all their chores on time and have to face daily challenges on their own, without any help from parents. For these reasons, we can say that boarding schools are better as it teaches them discipline and courage to face tough life ahead. Conversely, many believe that if a child stays with family then it is more beneficial for him. In a recent incident, boarding school children were caught taking drugs and this would not have happened if parents were around to keep a watch on child.

Despite the argument, traditional schooling also have many evils. In my opinion, traditional schools have their own benefits, but boarding schools teach life skills which are needed to become a good leader and responsible adult; hence, boarding school are a better choice. What is your opinion? Speaking seems most difficult section and hard to clear in PTE but it is not about you know good English or not.

Its about techniques which can make you score even 90 in speaking. With my 3attempts in PTE I am now well aware how one can succeed in speaking with minimum efforts. I came across a fabulous trick which can sharply increase your speaking score. Cellphones, Laptops, and tablets are widely used by people of all ages nowadays. This great technological innovations from these small built in computer has affected our way of living. This essay will discuss why technological innovations have influenced our lives.

Time management and convenience is very essential in a week full schedule. New technology helps us to maximize our time. There are online applications where in you could pay your house, phone, and credit bills just by going online and this saves you from the hassle and time from going to the bank. Thus, people use these applications for their own conveniece. Another impact that technological innovations brought into our lives is better communication.

Either for business or personal use, these cellphones have been very handy and useful in our daily lives. For example, overseas filipino workers reaching through their family here in the philippines thru social media.

In the end, this new technology helps us to communicate with our loved ones around the world. This essay discussed how technological innovations affected our lives in terms of convenience and communication. In my opinion, the advancement of the technology had a great impact on our lives. Foreign Languages should be a required subjects in the primary school. In my opinion, I agree that it should be compulsory.

In this essay, it will discuss the main reasons. Many people graduate and start to live up their own careers like finding jobs in every opportunity especially going out from their own countries. Some prefer to try their luck in going abroad just to find very satisfying salaries. However, if these students want to pursue their careers in other countries they may need to learn foreign languages to be ready after they graduate.

There are lots of advantages in learning languages of others. Firstly, language barriers would not be a hindrance because one can communicate easily to other people. For example, Filipino people learned how to speak English so that they can go to any English countries they wanted to.

Secondly, learning a foreign language is not only for communicating to foreign people but it could also be a learned as a second language so that it can be used as a guide in the future whenever they would like to visit some parts of the world.

In my conclusion, foreign languages should be considered to learn in the primary school because it is the only way to communicate to other people even if there is a language barrier involved. Nowadays, Social Medias are a new place where people around the world can meet and exchange ideas.

They help us to create a huge social networking between peoples who have the same intrests. I agree that they have negative impacts on both individuals and Socity. Lack of human interactions, direct communication avoidness and creating isolated communities are three main side effects. Social networking creates a new way of communications like leaving a comments or liking someone post which are more easier, Although that way reduces direct human communicationwhich is one of the human needs that lacking it can cause self depression.

Such as, friends meeting on whatsapp without actual gather. Despite that social communication is very easy; it can cause human depression if it becomes the only way. People that have same interest can meet easily of Social Medias groups and sites. They can exchange thoughts and ideas with each other and avoid interacting with other Socities. This way of gathering can cause socity damage as it build barrier between them. You can find isolation increasing between youth and elders due to social networking way.

We have to work harder to immerse different Socity levels so that we can save our socity estability. In Conclousion, New ways of communication and gathering are easier to use and gathering although it can create depression and socity damage. We need to use it in a carefull way to avoid this damage. A common marketing strategy for big companies is to introduce various offers and discounts.

However, these strategies may have impact on their reputation. What are some of the impacts? Interestingly, I got a similar kind of topic on Feb 16th. The objectives and most of the keywords are same. Technologies has been our life nearest commitment and I agree that it has been part of our daily lives over a decades now. In this modern world we are living here today, it has been widely acceptable to every human being about the changing appearance of our very own country.

The reason why we could not stop this technology development is that we do not know when to feel contentment. This is why so it gets improving no matter how and what the costs. There were no power plants to provide electricity or cars to provide them transport. People at early age they were poor and struggled to find food but they were happy and this is because they have the feeling of contentment.

However, the problem nowadays is that we dont know how to be dependent on ourselves without using a technology. Technology has helped as in many ways and made our life the easiest way but we should also consider the cost that it brings in the future. In conclusion, technologies may have changed our lives as well as the society but we must also remember when to put a stop using it. Education is a critical element of the prosperity of any nation. The more educated the people in a country are, the more successful their nation becomes.

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with this statement. Education is one of the most important elements to develop any country. In my opinion, no progress for any nation without improving the knowledge level and culture. Failing that, will affect all other fields of economy and growth in different parts of life. Well educated candidates could find more job opportunities. When a company or a factory is looking for employees, they only choose the highest performance and knowledge for the jobs.

Furthermore, highly educated people could serve in their places better than the less ones. In addition, it does not depend only on the high education but also depend on the field that we are interested in and do our best in it. Steve Jobs is one of the most concrete examples for that. He studied art and do his best to apply his study to be useful means in our life.

Therefore, Well educated candidates will result in a great progress and improvement for any nation. Indeed, if doctors are well teached and have the needed experience, they will perform their work in the perfect way so as to help people and cure them.

That will be reflected in all other fields like industry, agriculture or even tourism. Any country needs the skilled candidates to achieve the most admired goals of success and improvement. It is said that knowledge is power because the more someone is knowledgeable he has more employment opportunities.

Although some people gain scientific knowledge only for their understanding, majority of people practice in various capacities after their studies. This essay will discuss why practicing in the relevant field is more important than just idling after obtaining knowledge. Employment after scientific education helps to develop the economy of the country. A nation requires a considerable number of research and development activities to find solutions for various issues faced by the society.

For instance, there are a lot of science graduates employed in scientific research laboratories of biology, chemistry and many other branches of science.

The scientists who practice in their fields do many discoveries for the betterment of the society. A lot of new discoveries and inventions happen in the modern world every day and facts change very fast. The awareness of the latest findings with practical aspects of a graduated house wife is very limited.

Therefore practicing is more important in order to maintain up to date in the rapidly changing world. This essay discussed employment is more important to serve the growth of the country as well as being up to date in the field. In my opinion I believe even if studies are helpful for our life, practicing in the relevant field is extremely important.

Inventions are being driven by the necessity of human beings. Anything, which is being created are always for the sake of survival for the whole race of mankind or specific society. I think, if any invention is being done, to make a nation militarily strong and to make other nation submissive to them, are definitely detrimental to other society and also for themselves too. One of the notorious and sadly the most proud inventive of this century is nuclear bomb.

It had been developed and further modernized by all developed countries to ensure their supremacy and to protect them from external threats. Being a bearer of such weapon can be a beneficial of some selfish mindset, but for a larger perspective, it poses a worst threat to the whole world than human being ever witnessed. Although the creator of such technology would never thought that, it could be utilized for the purpose of destruction. This could be construed from the notion that, every advancements can be utilized for the benefit and as well as for the damages too.

At one end, where such immensely powered weapons can be used to destroy enemy country, it is also contributing in the development of todays civilized society in the form of Nuclear Power Plants.

However, research and development is important for progress of the world and also to provide ease in the life of common man, but at the same time it is essential to ensure that it is only utilized for the positive purpose.

It is the need of time to put forward such accord on global level, whose main purpose is to curb the detrimental effects of scientific advancements. Many people want to have scientific knowledge just for knowledge only whereas other wants to get it for uses it in a particular field.

In my opinion, applying the knowledge in the related field is better. The world is full of diversity; hence we can find varieties of people and their opinions towards the education. Maximum people like to have scientific knowledge just to put it with them only. However, Lots of people want to get the scientific knowledge to do something with it in any specific field. The people who are passionate towards science and have dedication on it they wish to do something with it.

Gathering of knowledge is not good enough for a good human being; they need to apply it in related field. Knowing is nothing more than taking water when you feel thirsty, but how to use water for different purposes is called applying the knowledge in particular field and which is called successful people as well.

In conclusion, if you want to have scientific knowledge then use it in a relevant sector and boost your ability and improve your knowledge in a related field rather than limited with knowing it only. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both. It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job?

Do you agree or disagree? TV these days has become an integral part of our lives. Some experts believe that TV is a medium to spread news, while other are of the view that it can act as a companion. There are a myriad of arguments in favour of my stance. The most conspicuous one is that TV provides a lot of information through a range of channels.

These channels include National Geographic, Discovery to name a few and through their content driven approach, offer variety of information about the world which we are unaware of. Furthermore, TV through a number of learning programmes, help people especially students to broad their horizon. Hence, it is apparent that why some experts believe that TV can behave as a companion.

Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (PAS)

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