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Personal values, belief and attitudes Essay Sample

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❶Write down some of the values you hold in these areas. Prioritizing and considering positive and negative impacts of values are the criteria I use to revise my values on a day-to-day basis.

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Personal values, belief and attitudes Essay Sample

Even a person that has great skills but is not straightforward will not stay in a company for a long period. Family to me is the basis of everything. Who I am, the person I have become, the paths I followed, and the paths avoided too. I owe everything I have to my family. One of my greatest desires is to be able to give my children a life at least as good as the one that my father gives me.

I hope to see them become happy and wonderful people both in their personal and professional lives. The Ten Commandments speak a lot about respect, one says we Honor our mother and father, other say that we should treat others as ourselves. Actually I see this second example of a somewhat different form. Thus, it is easy to see how respectability is important to me. I always say that one must respect to be respected and I understand that respect must be present in any relationship, whether personal or professional.

Respect is key to a healthy relationship. Respect others requires hard work and learning. Self-acceptance is an important tool to know and accept us better. If one have a good self-knowledge, and could recognize and accept his own strengths and weaknesses, he become more apt to accept other people the way they are.

Thus, he can understand their differences and it will be easier to deal or create a strong relationship with several kinds of people taking the best of each people and power up their strengths. It is essential for anyone spend time thinking about what are his or her core values. Once we have clearly defined our core values, we can understand ourselves better and consequently understand the people we deal with in our lives.

In our personal life are the decisions we make that define our destiny. The same concept applies to the business world. A company is guided by its Core values. Our core values are a powerful tool to help us making decisions both in personal and professional life. For this reason it is essential that we know our core values to take right decisions, because it is our decisions that will dictate the course of our life and career. The ideal aesthetic man values artistic and aesthetic experiences in life, though he himself may not be creative.

Interest in people and human relationships. The ideal social man places great values on affiliation and love. He tends to be kind and sympathetic to other individuals. Interest in gaining power and influencing other people. The ideal political man places great value on power. Interest in unity and understanding the cosmos as a whole. The highest value for the ideal religious man may be called unit. Different people give different importance to the above mentioned six values.

Every individuals gives ranking to the values from one to six. This is very important for understanding the behaviour of the people. The most important factor which influences the value system of an individual is his immediate family. Some values are inculcated in A person learn and develops values from the following sources the individuals from the childhood and remain in his mind throughout his life.

The child rearing practices the parents adopt shape the personality of the human being. Out of all the social factors school plays the most important role in developing the value system of an individual.

The child learns the basic discipline from the school. Moreover, the interactions with the teachers, classmates and other staff members in the schools and colleges make the child inculcate values important to the teaching-learning process. Other social factors which may affect values are religious economic and political institutional in the society. Personal traits such as intelligence, ability, appearance and educational level of the person determine his development of values.

For example, if a person is highly intelligent, he will understand the values faster. If he is highly educated, high values will be inculcated in him by his school and college. Cultural factors include everything that is learned and passed on from generation to generation. Culture includes certain beliefs and other patterns of behaviour.

An individual is a participant in social culture, group culture and organisational culture. Thus, he is known as a composite of many cultural elements. Culture is based on certain implicit and explicit values. For example, whether a person is co-operative, friendly or hostile depends upon to which culture he belongs to Individual relationships are different in different cultures and within certain groups of society also. Whether, the individual values money making or doing service to the mankind again depends upon his cultural background.

Individuals, generally, receive strength and comfort from their religion. Religion comprises of a formal set of values which are passed on from generation to generation.

Advancement in technology has under viewed faith in traditional religious beliefs and values. A man learns the most from his own personal life experience. Sometimes man can learn from the experience of others also. In the long run, most of the values which influence our behaviour are validated by the satisfaction we have experienced in pursuing them.

Individuals work out their values on the basis of what seems most logical to them. Values carry importance in direct proportion to how much faith the individual has in them. He should have those values which can stand the test of reality.

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Writing sample of essay on given topic "My Values And Beliefs" My Values And Beliefs I grew up under my parents care. Consistently, they told me that the beauty of life is experienced fully only by those who work hard. My Values And Beliefs (Essay/Paper Sample) March 8, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 2 Twitter 0.

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Personal values, belief and attitudes Essay Sample. As human beings, we all have our own values, beliefs and attitudes that we have developed throughout the course of our lives.

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Norms, values and beliefs vary widely across cultures. All cultures are driven by guidelines that direct or conduct particular situations. These guidelines are what are known as norms. Norms are abstract (not written down) guides for behaviour in certain situations. For example the way we dress /5(13). The values that I believe in play a very important role in my life. These important values have been greatly influenced by my family. My values include family, education, religion, and freedom. The beliefs I have are important because they shape the way I live my life in a way that I think is /5(10).

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The Development of Personal Values Essay. A+. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. The development of personal values happens differently in many people, but my personal values started developing through my upbringing. I will not work in a situation that compromises my beliefs or values. I will also not work. Essay Where My Values and Beliefs Come From - Everything that I do and plan revolves around my family they are the single most important aspect of my life. They are the ones responsible for what I am today, they taught me to believe in God, that family always comes first, education is the key to a successful life and that I should always be.