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Top 20 Interesting Tourism Essay Topic Ideas

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❶How can it be promoted to more potential tourists? For the same purpose, the green tourism tends to be fostered or developed which promote the safety and protection of the environment.

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In this essay, I will examine both the benefits and their related cost and support my opinion accordingly. First of all, many people argue that many local inhabitants have been sacrificed in order to make way for the development of tourist attractions. For examples, tress were cut down so that hotels can be constructed; old heritage sites were demolished and replaced by new shopping malls; local residence, especially the aboriginals, have to be relocated so that their land can be used for new airport.

However, people tend to ignore the economics and social benefits brought upon by these developments. For example, the number of jobs created by the constructions of hotels and shopping malls could stimulate the economic growth of a nation and benefit the both the people and the nation as a whole.

Secondly, many people also claimed that the influx of foreign tourists will increase the social problems such as crime rates immoral activities. For examples, they claimed that tourists usually like to visit pubs and clubs in the evening and that will lead to higher rate of alcohol related problems such as noise pollution, vandalism and prostitution.

For example, the tax collected from the entertainment outlet could be used to help combat crime and actually make the country a safer place. In conclusion, I believe that if we look at the overall picture of international tourism when doing the cost-benefit analysis, we will see that they are more advantages than disadvantages.

Wagner - January 16, at You will need to discuss both and then come to a conclusion if one outweighs the other. For Academic Writing Task1, you can write the overview in your introduction. Alternatively, it is also fine to write the overview at the end. Finally, if you have written the overview in the intro then do not repeat it again in the summary, and vice versa.

Go over this tutorial to learn more about writing overview: For writing task 2, have a look at the tutorials here: Health tourism - The tourism which contributes into the improvement in health and fitness is the part of health tourism Kourteli, It includes mental, physical, emotional, psychological etc.

It increases as the people show their interest into the particular medical facility or ancient health treatment that can focus on bringing the immense improvement into the health of people. Further, in advanced health measures exchanging the medical education or information is also a part of health and well-being tourism.

Religious tourism - This kind of tourism is on its shaping stage as so many people are inclining towards the spiritual and religious thought process. The impact is that more people are becoming spiritual and except the existence of god. Again the hub for such kind of tourism is India where the level of religion tourism and spiritualism is very high. It also includes the study of sacred texts and holy books etc. To promote the eco-tourism, the Bukit Lawang village was developed in the year for the rehabilitation of orangutan Waterton, The government and other apex bodies put their effort and bring rare species of an orangutan to the forest and ecosystem of cited village.

At the starting phase or introductory stage, the number of visitors was due to the efforts made by government and rehabilitation center. Afterwards, the stage of growth comes and the number of visitors reached to by the end of It was immense growth in the number of visitors.

It causes lots of problems and issues on the ground of retaining the number of customers. Due to rise in eco-tourism the development of other aspects like hotels, commercials etc. Further the stage of decline comes into existence of ministry of forest decided to close the rehabilitation center.

Therefore here the principle of product life cycle aligned with the eco-tourism Williamson, The major suggestion is that the government is a requirement to set the level of development that could be done near to the dense forest or eco-tourism site.

This suggestion is crucial as it allows getting control on biodiversity as well. Further the government needs to undertake huge research so that the required aspects or efforts to develop the eco-tourism could be identified.

The mistakes took place in previous attempts could be rectified if the nature of ecotourism is clear to the government. Thus, these are a huge level of efforts which could be put in order to ensure the development of orangutan on this particular site Talwar, Political environment- As the hotel is two stars only and is a family hotel so there are no such problems related to the political interference.

But the unstable political environment could have the same impact upon their business operations. Further, the legal policies will also remain same as the designed by the government. On the large basis, there are no such issues with respect to dealing with the political environment. The legal policies like filling the tax, ensuring proper security, cleanliness and hygiene are required to be provided in an appropriate manner else the problems could be faced by two stars hotel Roy and Tisdell, Economic environment- Here the family hotel has to work hard on their pricing structure.

There is need of putting the reasonable pricing so that the customers could be attracted easily. They have chances to get a number of customers as the middle section of the society can afford their rooms and can stay comfortably. Social environment- Here the social environment could be positive for the two stars family hotel. The UK has a good ratio of international as well as domestic tourists. Thus, socially the hotel has an opportunity to get a number of customers.

Technological environment- It is the area where cited category of the hotel needs to pay an adequate amount of consideration. It is an area where they can face trouble in retaining the customers Hezri and Dovers, The technology for the hospitality industry is changing very rapidly even for the small scale business. Thus here the mentioned category of hotel is required to make a technological arrangement.

Like there is need of online presence like website or social networking site. Internally the technology is required to be improved at very large scale. Therefore, it is complete possible environmental analysis for the two stars family hotel.

Strength- Possible strength could be small scale business so it is easy to put control on the business operations. Further, the impact of the global environment also remains very less on small scale business. Due to the family business they can definitely focus upon managing the business by themselves Vieceli And Values, The family business provides the scenario of proper consent and quick decision making. The roles and responsibilities could be defined easily and most importantly the understanding level could be at peak.

Thus, these could be the possible strength for the two stars family hotel. Weakness- On the ground of weak aspects it could be said that the less outside exposure and low level of innovation could be seen within the hotel. Due to the external staff, the new thought process could be inherited and it helps in bringing the innovation. Further, the weak aspects could be related to their management weakness.

Here it clear that employee retention could have been low if the two stars family hotel is paying well remuneration to their staff. Low branding is another possible weakness in case of mentioned small category of hotel. Opportunities- The list of opportunities includes the expansion of business as the family people understood the business operations. The opportunities could be availed that they can focus on extensive advertisement strategies and can bring technological advancement as compared to their competitors Mead and Andrews, It can provide a competitive advantage and most importantly the sustainability could be ensured.

Threats- Intense competition is one of the major threat that could be faced by two stars family hotel. They need to focus on the new source of income and need to align with current hotel else the limited earning source can create trouble in future.

Thus, in this, it is complete micro as well macro level environmental analysis for the cited hotel. It includes both external as well as internal analysis in a proper and effective way. Here the marketing strategies could be proposed so that the improvement into the existing business operations could be introduced at very large level. The description of marketing mix is as follows. Product - The product for the hotels are rooms so there is need of providing the clean and hygienic rooms to the tourists.

The interior must be effective and so attractive. It could be based on any theme like modern architecture, Kid theme, heritage etc.

Price - It must be reasonable and competitive as well. Promotion - For the same purpose the help of social media could be taken and most importantly the website should be designed on the priority basis Hamilton and Webster, Place - The location of the hotel could be accessible but still the mapping facility could be provided to the tourists.

Therefore, these marketing mix strategies must be taken into special consideration. Above mentioned strategies could be immensely helpful with respect to improving the level of marketing and its elements. The selected product mix can help in putting the positive impression at the customers and most importantly they could be attracted very easily. Ahead the selected promotional mix has become the essential for all the companies.

These strategies come within the budget as well so it also justified from a cost perspective. At last, the place strategy is completely dependent upon the most principle of place i.

Hence, the mentioned strategies are beneficial and result oriented. As a young woman, eating spicy curries, dodging speeding bicycles, watching Indians bathe in the filthy Ganges River was scary and new. But she commented that such experiences forces us to do something other than what we know. It forces us to change and grow. I also experienced this sense of freedom from an online backpacker website called Travel Times-India.

The site recommended that rather than consuming the place and spitting out a production of how we see it, to preserve it as it is. This raw and organic experience cannot be found in book or brochure.

It is important to remember that we are only visitors in the host country and should therefore behave appropriately. Travel is not an opportunity to consume, but rather appreciate and respect. Human curiosity is insatiable. I firmly believe that the need and want to seek out new places, experience unique environments, and encounter foreign societies is essential to our survival. The earth today, however, is different from what it used to be.

Today, the world is no longer a place where getting from one region to another is a long, harsh, and enduring journey. Although most will agree that tourism is a mind-broadening experience, few acknowledge that it can also wreak havoc on the natural environment and its inhabitants. Tourism can ruin landscapes, destroy communities, pollute air and water, trivialize cultures, bring about uniformity, and generally contribute to the continuing degradation of life on our planet.

But I truly believe that while these conflicts do happen, the point is not to attempt to put a halt to the industry, but to better manage it.

The more people who know about and respect unique places and cultures, the less likely destructive habits will continue. The less we consume, the less we produce, the more we can gain from other cultures. You can also order a custom term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on travel and tourism from our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with quality custom written papers.

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Keywords: tourism essay,travel and tourism, travel and tourism speech Introduction to Travel and Tourism. Tourism is travel for leisure, recreational and business purpose. Tourists can be defined as people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual surroundings for more than twenty-four hours and not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes by the World.

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Read this short essay on Tourism! Tourism as an industry has been travelling with the wild pace of technological advancements and aboard are people from different places and cultures interacting with increasing, the globe had been shrunk into a village.

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You can also order a custom term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on travel and tourism from our professional custom essay writing service . Travel and tourism is a difficult and fun study. It's not just about visiting on fieldtrips and various exotic locations, rather it is a complex and diverse field that incorporates various other factors such as human resources management, finance and economics, hospitality studies, international legislation, customer relations, marketing, etc.

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Find Speech on Travel and Tourism for Students and Others. Find long and short Travel and Tourism speech in very simple and easy words. TRENDING: Jan Dhan Yojana Essay. Article on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Where there is a will there is a way essay. Featuring 10/ of Essay. Find all. Travel and Tourism in India Essay Type of paper: Essays Subject: Geography Words: India is one of the oldest countries in the world, full of charming and attractive historical sites and challenging and mysterious stories that were laid in the foundation of Indian cities, regions and even buildings.